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  • Aluminium Seats as the Best Option

    Balustrade Regulations in Australia

    There are lots of places that require public seating including, visitor lounges, airports, hotel waiting, clubs, cinema halls, schools, colleges, government offices, railway stations, bus terminals and so on. There’s always the question of what constitutes appropriate seating – it needs to be economical, reasonably comfortable (for all sizes of humans), withstand abuse and also be elegant. Looks like a tall order doesn’t it? Fortunately, there’s one material that meets all these criteria - aluminium.

    Aluminium seats are economical, reasonably comfortable (for all sizes of humans), withstand abuse and are also elegant.

    Modern seating made from aluminium is not only light-weight, is easily installed, it also comes in a variety of powder coated colours, is reasonably comfy, long lasting, withstands abuse well and is quite economical. They are also relatively easy to bolt in place, dismantle if required and move to another location. All these features make aluminium seats the best public seating option.

    Aluminium seats are easily fabricated

    Large orders for aluminium seats are easily fulfilled. There are several companies’ right here in Australia that specialize in fabricating aluminium seats. They buy large aluminium sheets in bulk and cut each sheet into rectangles of desired size. Each is then pressed and contoured into a shape that offers optimum comfort. The sheet is then folded into a right angle. This is why you notice that aluminium seats are almost always a single piece without joints.

    Aluminium seats are safer too

    From a safety point of view, not having joints is a big plus as there is no chance for little kids to poke their fingers through or people getting pinched or fabric torn on rough edge joints. Also, over time, joints have a way of coming loose.

    Aluminium seats are easiest to maintain

    Truth be told, there’s hardly any maintenance required for aluminium seats. All that needs to be done is to give it a daily wipe with some mild detergent solution (to wipe away any sweat residue from the public that use it). Other than that, a routine inspection once a month should suffice. The inspection is to ensure that blots that hold the seat in place have not come loose or have not rusted.

    Sometimes there could be a riot or an accident and few seats could be damaged. Routine inspection ensures these seats are repaired or replaced.

    Aluminium seats are environmentally friendly

    “Recycle” is the buzz word these days, so what better than aluminium seats? If you ever need to discard them, they can be easily recycled and used elsewhere. Aluminium can easily be cut, moulded, welded or reshaped. Reuse is so easy.

    Because of all these features, aluminium is not only used in aluminium seats, it is also used in schools to make children’s desk and seat. Aluminium work tables with aluminium seats have long been used in Australian prisons. When it comes to public seating, choose aluminium – it’s not just a wonderful option, it is the best and most economical option.

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