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  • Aluminium Stockist

    Balustrade Regulations in Australia

    Calling all aluminium stockists and members of Australia aluminium stockists and aluminium distributors across Australia to come join the new cyberspace Mall ; It is a one-stop shop for aluminium products used in housing and construction industry.

    With proven experience in the stocking and supply of Aluminium, members of can benefit retailers with short lead times and just-in-time deliveries.

    Help Available

    Customers who would like someone to help them with designing or fabricating could also contact our stockists who in turn can refer them to the most experienced person in customer’s locality of choice. Our stockists know professionals who can help you with designing for optimum efficiency, reduced costs, reduced fabrication and assembly complexity.

    Information Available

    Customers who are not sure whether they should be using aluminium or steel or some other material too can either call our stockist direct or can refer to other sections of website for information on use and advantages of using aluminium in your home or building.

    Advantages to buying from our Stockist

    -BCA Approved

    Our aluminium stockists work in full compliance of the BCA regulations. Buying aluminium balustrades, slates, aluminium seats, balcony fencing, property fencing, handrails, louvers, extrusions etc. from our stockists has many benefits. Our stockist can help you choose BCA approved material as well as help in selecting the correct grade of aluminium for your project or application.

    -Street Smart Delivery

    All our stockists are experienced aluminium suppliers and can supply processed aluminium so that your product will require a minimum of processing when it is delivered at the site. Aluminium can be finely machined, cut, welded, drilled and even soldered.

    -Large Stocks, minimal time lag

    Our Stockist can also supply you with raw aluminium tubing or aluminium sheet, aluminium bars and extrusions so you can machine the product to any custom specification you require. Our aluminium stockist also stock the entire range of aluminium profiles and sections which in turn leads to minimal lead times and consistent quality.

    -Australia Wide Network

    Our aluminium stockists are not just located in a few pockets but spread across the entire length and breadth of Australia. Locate a stockist by location and have him deliver the products you require to your location within minimal time lag.

    Help Environment – Aluminium can be recycled

    If you wish to remove old aluminium installations that you no longer require, aluminium installations such as aluminium balustrades, slates, aluminium seats, balcony fencing, property fencing, handrails, louvers, extrusions etc. can be unbolted or un-welded and removed. Used aluminium can be reprocessed and converted into new products. Such recycled aluminium retains all its original properties. The cost of such recycling too is much less than recycling other products.

    So whether you are an aluminium stockist or a retailer or a consumer looking for an aluminium stockist or aluminium products head directly to – there’s no better place for all things aluminium.

    Simply click the Join Now link above to register your interest.