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  • Slat Installation Guide

    Balustrade Regulations in Australia

    Aluminium slats are available in a range of lengths and profiles including custom profiles and lengths all of which can be easily cut, sawed, drilled, welded, bolted or even soldered in place. The supports i.e. posts come with pre-cast channels making it easy for sliding slats in place. You can also purchase custom panels and sliding as well as double and pedestrian gates. The slat installation guide will take you through the basic steps of installing a simple, modular slat system.

    Use of Slats

    Slats are used for a variety of objectives including demarcation of property, keeping pests and unauthorized people out. Generally slats are used for:

    1. Privacy Screening
    2. Boundary Fencing
    3. House Security
    4. Pool Fencing
    5. Garden Fencing
    1. Garden Fencing
    2. Bin Enclosures
    3. Architectural Fascias
    4. Window Screens
    5. Lockable Storage etc.

    Note: Slats used for pool fencing must comply with BCA regulations specifically AS1926.1.

    Tools to Slat installation

    Our Slat installation guide recommends you have the following tools handy:

    1. Tape Measure
    2. String line
    3. Shovel / Post Hole Shovel
    4. Cordless Battery Drill
    5. Hex Head Drill Bit(5/16)
    1. Spirit Level
    2. Soft End Mallet
    3. Slat gap spacers
    4. Concrete Mix
    5. Safety gear (gloves etc.)

    Slat installation guide - Site Plan and Ordering Slats

    It goes without saying that before you begin you need to decide on the location of your fencing. Once you’ve done that, measure the ideal distance between each post and check with your supplier if slats of that length are available. If not you will have to scale up/down the length so the available slat length will suit your purpose.

    Follow the same procedure for the height so that the height of the posts available matches your requirement. Next, calculate the number of slats and posts you require.

    Slat installation guide - String lines and post holes

    To ensure your fencing is along a straight line, hammer some nails into the ground along the desired length of the fence. Next, tie a string to the nails. This will ensure your fence is straight.

    Measure and mark the exact location of the holes for the post holes.

    Start digging the post holes (remove the embedded nail before you start digging). When done, retie the string at either end so you once again have a straight line. The string line must pass above and dead centre of each post hole.

    At this stage, mix and keep concrete ready.

    Slat installation guide - Install posts

    Lower each post into the holes you’ve dug for them making sure each post is centre accurate and flush and level along string line and then pour in concrete around posts.

    Slat installation guide - Install panels

    Start sliding in the slats starting with the bottom slat. Gently slide the slats into the channel and apply the screws as necessary. Slat gap spacers should be used between slats to maintain an even spacing. Repeat this process until you reach the last slat at the top of your fence.

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