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  • Aluminium Seats – Best Option for Public Seating

    Balustrade Regulations in Australia

    Public seating is required in a number of places like hotel lounges, airports, bus terminals, train terminals, parks, cinema halls, schools, colleges, visitor lounges, government offices, etc. The seating arrangements in public areas must be appropriate; seats must be reasonably comfortable, economical, elegant, easy to maintain and withstand abuse. Only one option is available that meets all these requirements in terms of material used for public seating, and that is aluminium. Not only is aluminium durable, lightweight, it is cost effective and elegant as well.

    Why Aluminium Seats?

    Seats made from aluminium are quite comfortable for everyone. They are also light-weight and sturdy. Aluminium seats come in various colours (powder coated colours) and therefore you have no problem matching them with the existing decor. Aluminium is durable and hence aluminium seats in public areas can withstand a certain amount of abuse. Aluminium seats are ideal for public areas like parks and gardens that are exposed to the elements because aluminium weathers well. They are easy enough to install and dismantle if need be and economical as well. All these characteristics make aluminium the best material to be used for public seating.

    Other Advantages of Aluminium Seats

    1. Easy Fabrication: Aluminium fabricating units find it convenient to cater to bulk orders for aluminium seats. That is because most companies purchase aluminium sheets in bulk and then cut out the sheets into rectangles of the desired size. These are then moulded into the desired shape for maximum comfort and turned at right angles to form a seat. There are no joints since aluminium seats are fabricated from a single sheet of metal.
    2. Safety: Aluminium seats are almost always a single piece with no joints. This is great in terms of safety – no chance for kids to poke their fingers into, no chance of joints coming loose, and no rough edges to tear fabric or cause injuries to anyone using the seat.
    3. Easy Maintenance: Aluminium is perhaps the only metal that requires very little maintenance. Wiping the aluminium seat with a mild detergent solution should do the trick. Aluminium weathers well; aluminium seats exposed to the elements also require very little maintenance. Other than the daily cleaning routine, a monthly inspection is sufficient to detect damages if any.
    4. Aluminium is Environmentally Friendly: Recycling is the order of the day. Aluminium seats are easily reused elsewhere. Moreover, aluminium can be easily reshaped, moulded, cut or welded, so the old aluminium seats can be recycled to fabricate new ones.

    Aluminium seats and work tables have been the choice for Australian prisons. Schools prefer to make student chairs and desks out of aluminium. Due to numerous positive qualities of aluminium, it is indeed the best option for use in public seating.

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