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  • Louvers

    Balustrade Regulations in Australia

    Unlike regular window blinds that are installed on the inside of a window or door, a louver is a blind that can be installed either on the inside or the outside. A louver is a window blind or shutter with angled horizontal slats. The gap between the slats permit light and air to pass through but keeps out all but heaviest of rains, and direct sunshine. To an extent, a louver will also help cut down noise pollution.

    A louver adds character and depth to the building or home

    A louver that is installed externally adds depth and character to the building or home. It addition to cutting down on sun glare and noise, an externally installed louver will also protect your building or home preventing seepage and dramatically cutting down on painting costs. What about the maintenance of the louver itself?

    Louvers are generally made from aluminium

    These days louver are usually made from aluminium – the shinny all purpose blue eyed baby of the construction industry. Aluminium does not rust, is light weight, can be bent easily, welded easily, sawed, drilled into, powder coated with a variety of colours and is next in strength to only steel. Short of taking a direct hit from a tank shell, aluminium will withstand most stresses and pressures thrown at it. Powder coated aluminium does not rust or react to sunlight or rainwater. So you could have virtually any colour louver you like and installed externally. Externally installed louvers are especially useful for all-glass facade buildings or when it is more effective and economical to have louvers externally than installed internally.

    Maintaining louvers

    A question that often comes up is maintenance i.e. cleaning especially in high rise buildings. Louvers are cleaned the same way external glass in high rise buildings are cleaned – by calling a window cleaner. The window cleaning service provider has all the equipment needed to reach any height and location to clean the louver and the glass beneath. So go ahead and install a louver with confidence.

    Louvers can be custom coloured made to match your building facade

    Blue, yellow, light grey or whatever other colour you think will go well with your building or home, it can be coated on the aluminium louver. Most architects will recommend a contrasting colour – that is what adds the depth and character to your existing construction.

    So a louver not only protects, adds privacy, reduces noise pollution (because a large percentage of the sound waves hit the louvers and bounce back), it also adds beauty and character to your home or building. For painted structures it will enhance the life of the painted structure and also dramatically cut down direct heat thereby reducing air-conditioning costs. As the first line of protection, Louvers also cut down on dust.

    Add a remote controlled motorized louver

    With a remote controlled motorized louver, you could open or close the slates (as is done in the Middle Eastern countries to protect during dust storms). You could even have your logo painted on the outside of the louver.

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