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  • Aluminium Extrusions / Profiles

    Balustrade Regulations in Australia

    Aluminium extrusions (also called profiles) have and continue to play a vital role in the construction industry. Extrusions or profiles make it possible to build small to medium sized complex structures that are strong, neat and look good.

    An extrusion process is used to quickly and easily create objects of a pre-determined cross-sectional profile. A die of the desired design and specification is prepared and heated aluminium is drawn or pushed through it. The ability to create very complex cross-sections and work materials that are brittle are its two main advantages and this results in finished parts with an excellent surface finish.

    In appearance, an extrusion is like a pipe but with various shaped projections on it. Its cross section might be rectangular, square, oval, round or any other shape as desired for the project at hand.

    Aluminium extrusions or profiles are widely used in these and other similar projects and objects:

    • • Small to medium sized enclosures such as guard houses and security enclosures.
    • Work Benches in all sorts of shapes, sizes and combinations with a large number of connection combinations to attach one or more benches together.
    • Conveyor Systems – extrusions are used in custom designed conveyor or modular conveyor systems for medium to light weight material handling applications.
    • Trolleys – Extrusions are used in all kinds of trolleys ranging from trolleys used in hospitals to trolleys used in hospitality industry or trolleys used on the factory shop floor or garage.
    • • Small to medium sized stand-alone Laboratory or Scientific centres. These can be easily assembled onsite or permanently setup on location to provide clean or even sterile environment.
    • Racks and Cabinets – Extrusions are most widely used in the fabrication of racks and cabinets. Any design, shape or size or standard.
    • Exhibition Stands – Another most frequent use of extrusions is to setup exhibition stands during exhibitions. Exhibition stands fabricated from extrusions are strong with clean lines for demonstration and display.
    • Clean Rooms – Extrusions are used to quickly erect clean rooms used in such diverse areas as optics, electrical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

    Aluminium extrusions or profiles are most favoured because extrusions can hold glass and panels made from a variety of materials. The hollow within can be used as a conduit for electrical cables or water pipes.

    Aluminium extrusions are used in fabricating slates for fencing without the need for laying separate electrical cabling. The hollow can be used to as a conduit for fibre optics, audio and video cables, telephone lines, electrical cables, etc. Since the cables are within the extrusion, they are well protected from the natural elements and are also difficult to reach by unauthorized personnel.

    The advantages to using Aluminium extrusions or profiles are:

    • 1. Cost - Aluminium extrusions are easy to work with and require minimal skill and training. This is turn brings down the cost of fabrication and erection of structures.
    • 2. Robust structure – The design of extrusions makes it unnecessary to use brackets or struts
    • 3. Flexible – The design of extrusions makes it easy to add or extend the structure
    • 4. Dependable – Multiple connections makes the structure secure, sturdy and vibration proof
    • 5. Easy machining – Extrusions can be made using standard equipment found in any workshop
    • 6. Fast building and assembly – Modular structure ensures quick a setup
    • 7. Easily altered – The design of extrusions makes it easy to add or change shape easily.

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