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  • Balustrades

    Balustrade Regulations in Australia

    Aluminium is one of the most ideal metals to be used in the making of balustrades. The key advantages to the use of aluminium in balustrades lies in its strength, low maintenance, low cost in use, non-corrosive, excellent finishing qualities, light weight, easy to shape, easy to fabricate and therefore quickly deployed, easy to enforce quality control and best of all, is recyclable.

    Super light weight

    Being very light (2.7g/cm2 or 66% lighter than steel) is an important criteria for the use of aluminium in balustrades because it adds less weight to stairs and terraced surfaces. Yet another reason why aluminium is used in the making of balustrades is because aluminium easily accommodates temperature induced stresses.

    Aluminium sections can be made thinner and deeper than say steel of similar rigidity and strength. Aluminium is not affected by moisture and so does not wrap, stick or rot. It is therefore much safer to use aluminium in balustrades than say timber.

    Aluminium balustrades are typically low maintenance, low cost-in-use

    Most modern aluminium is anodized to a shiny finish and can even be coloured. Anodizing aluminium results in a porous surface making it easy to pour colour into it. Aluminium can be attractively coloured with bronze, black, gray, gold and even blue finishes. Colouring aluminium is quite economical because it can be electro-statically sprayed as a polyester powder coating. The polyester powder coating also provides resistance to the acidity in rainwater. Aluminium balustrades can therefore be used in unprotected verandas, balconies and terraces.

    Coloured aluminium and frosted glass has been used in the making of balustrades that adorn rich homes and offices.

    Aluminium Balustrades can be Quickly Fabricated

    While a team of carpenters will take several days to complete each section of timber balustrade, a team of balustrade installers will take less than a day to install the same length of balustrade but made out of aluminium – it is usually just a matter of bolting down all supports, fitting and welding interlocking joints.

    The speed at which an aluminium balustrade can be installed makes it ideal for today’s fast track construction techniques. The quicker the job is completed, the lesser the cost and greater the profit for all involved.

    The latest in balustrades is computerized designing and computer-controlled machining rigs. This makes onsite installation a breeze. Balustrades installed this way look perfectly engineered.

    Aluminium Balustrades Allow for Better Quality Control

    When aluminium is used in the making of balustrades, tolerances can be finely measured and rigorous quality control assured. Everything from conical bends to gouging to sawing, hammering and weight drops can be calculated.

    Quality control and excellent cost in use make aluminium balustrades ideal for use in health, leisure, education and transport sectors where economies of cost always play a leading role.

    Aluminium balustrades can be formed into variety of shapes

    The relative softness of aluminium makes it easy to bend it into any shape you like. Consequently, balustrades made from aluminium can take on impossible shapes. Doing the same in any other metal or timber would be almost impossible or the cost would be too prohibitive to contemplate.

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