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  • Building Aluminium Louvres

    • Building Aluminium Louvres 1
    • Building Aluminium Louvres 2
    • Building Aluminium Louvres 3
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Building Aluminium Louvres – For Your Next Building Project.

Aluminiun Louvres have developed into one of the most popular types of screening and shade options in Building design over recent years for the following reasons:

  • Aluminium is extremely versatile offering a wide range of designs
  • Louvre designs that are easily adaptable to a wide range of uses.
  • Aluminium Louvres are lightweight enabling them to be used where many products are deemed to heavy
  • Minimal maintenance being durable and long lasting
  • Quality colour finishes through the application of powder coating

Alumitec introduces "Alumi-Louvre", Australia's leading Fixed Aluminium Louvre System. Using a standard 60mm aerofoil louvre this system is perfect for the majority of residential applications. The louvers come standard set at 45 degrees set into a 50x25mm frame spaced flush with no overlap.

Alumi-Louvre also utilises Alumitec's unique grip-lock system minimizing the need for welds and screws.

With more emphasis on unique design and compliance with energy efficiency requirements Aluminium Louvres provide a range of design choices and uses to complement your design.

  • Sliding Louvre Screens – hung off top rollers these movable sun and privacy louvers can be installed to balcony edges or outside of windows.
  • Louvred Sun Hoods – generally mounted horizontally above windows. Sunblock Hoods – have the louvers pointing down and away from the building which blocks out the sun. Sunlight hoods have the louvers pointing up and way from the building which permits winter sun (when north facing) and blocks out overhead summer sun. These sunhoods are self supporting without a brace up to 800 deep cantilvered off the wall.
  • Window Louvres – mounted on the outside of windows these louvres provide both privacy and sun control which will vary depending on the direction the louvres are set.
  • Privacy Louvres – Often council requires that balconies or courtyards overlooking neighbouring properties require some form of privacy screening. Alumitec's Privacy Louvres provide great low maintenance screening whilst still permitting airflow.
  • Louvred Façade – to add an aesthetic feature Alumi-Louvre Facades provide a great dual purpose option. Not only do they look great and will give your design a lift they will also provide the benefit of sun control and privacy.
The key Benefits of Alumi-Louvre Aluminium Louvres!
  • Huge range of design options to suit any application
  • Symmetry of design with all options blending seamlessly from one product to the next.
  • Available Australia wide with distributors that can handle projects of any size.
Product Details

Product Overview

Aluminium Balustrades

The use of aluminium in balustrades has gained popularity in the modern buidling industry.


With the ability to adjust Rails on site you eliminate the potential costly delays created by measuring and manufacture errors applicable to other systems.


For all Installation related questions, please contact your nearest Alumitec DistributorClick here

Design and Technical

Technical Specification
  • Posts – 40x40 Square H structural alloy
  • Eclipse Handrail – 65x 37mm Elliptical Shape
  • Flat Handrail – 70x30 Rectangle
  • Rails – 30x25mm
  • Balusters – 16x16mm square
  • Slats – 60x16mm rectangular
  • Building Aluminium Louvres Design 1
  • Building Aluminium Louvres Design 2
  • Building Aluminium Louvres Design 3
  • Building Aluminium Louvres Design 4

Locate a Distributor

Locate a Distributor

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Available Colours

Available Colours

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  • Pearl White
  • White Birch
  • Surfmist Off White
  • Summer Shade Moss Vale Sand
  • Domain Primrose
  • Classic Cream, Smoth Cream
  • Paperbark Merino
  • Riversand Beige
  • Sandbank
  • Harvest Wheat
  • Evening Haze
  • Dune Birch Grey
  • Silver
  • Windspray Armour Grey
  • Bushland
  • Shale Grey,Gull Grey
  • Woodland Grey,State Gray
  • Loft
  • Jasper
  • Estate Ironbarl
  • Cottage Green,Caufield Green
  • Wildness, Rivergum Green
  • Pale Eucalypt, Mist Green
  • Hedge
  • Ironstone
  • Deep Oceane, Mountain Blue
  • Blue Ridge
  • Wearthered Copper
  • Manor Red,Autumn Red
  • Headland Tuscan Red
  • Red Oak Heritage Red
  • Grove Bronze Olive
  • Hammersly Brown
  • Monument
  • Charcoal
  • Eclispe Ebony Black
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