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  • Building Aluminium Glass Balustrades

    • Building Aluminium Glass Balustrades 1
    • Building Aluminium Glass Balustrades 2
    • Building Aluminium Glass Balustrades 3
    • Building Aluminium Glass Balustrades 4
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Glass Balustrades for Your BuildingProject

The use of glass in aluminium balustrades has gained popularity in the modern architectural design industry for the following reasons.

  • Glass provides a classy look whilst still maximising any potential view
  • It provides maximum long term durability when combined with the structural integrity of aluminium support structure
  • Balustrades with Glass tend to date better and hold a modern appearance over a long period of time
  • It can use

Glass balustrades are truly a durable and stylish way to enhance the appearance of commercial and residential developments. They can be easily equipped for decks or balconies to have a classic look with maintenance free finish and is also applicable for internal applications.

Alumitec's exclusive glass balustrade – Alumi-Glass is perfectly suited for Units, Apartments, Homes, Decks , Balconies, Pools, Ramps & Walkways.

By utilizing clever design and structural alloys Alumi-Glass Balustrade has been designed, tested and certified to the Australian Standards, specifically AS1170 and the Building Code of Australia. Alumi-Glass Balustrades can be either top fixed, side fixed or core drilled and offer the flexibility of a range of designs, heights and powder coat colour.

With the modern trend for glass to maximize the view, provide wind breaks and appealing aesthetics the Alumitec design team have come up with a range of glass designs sure to please. These options have been designed specifically with the end user in mind. Every effort has been made to minimize the aluminium sections and therefore maximize the view on offer. Alumitec also has eliminated the need for a bottom rail which has commonly been used. This reduces cleaning grime build up on the rail as well as takes away the foot hold for climbing kids.

If you are looking to feature the balustrade with glass and enhance your view the Horizon or Vista designs may be the choice for you. These designs are sure not to date and give you years of maintenance free safety and pleasure. With the glass code now requiring a handrail on all decks and balconies the Alumitec team have produced the new sleek "Eclipse" Handrail that sits only 37mm in height and has a modern Elliptical shape.

This unique modern balustrade system has been designed specifically to add value to your domestic or commercial scenario. The unique modular system offers flexibility rarely seen in aluminium balustrades. With the ability to adjust Alumitecs on site you eliminate the potential costly delays created by measuring and manufacture errors applicable to other systems.

Product Details

Product Overview

Aluminium Balustrades

The use of aluminium in balustrades has gained popularity in the modern buidling industry.


With the ability to adjust Rails on site you eliminate the potential costly delays created by measuring and manufacture errors applicable to other systems.


For all Installation related questions, please contact your nearest Alumitec DistributorClick here

Design and Technical

Technical Specification
  • Posts – 40x40 Square H structural alloy
  • Eclipse Handrail – 65x 37mm Elliptical Shape
  • Flat Handrail – 70x30 Rectangle
  • Rails – 30x25mm
  • Balusters – 16x16mm square
  • Slats – 60x16mm rectangular
  • Building Aluminium Glass Balustrades Design 1
  • Building Aluminium Glass Balustrades Design 2
  • Building Aluminium Glass Balustrades Design 3
  • Building Aluminium Glass Balustrades Design 4

Locate a Distributor

Locate a Distributor

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Available Colours

Available Colours

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  • Pearl White
  • White Birch
  • Surfmist Off White
  • Summer Shade Moss Vale Sand
  • Domain Primrose
  • Classic Cream, Smoth Cream
  • Paperbark Merino
  • Riversand Beige
  • Sandbank
  • Harvest Wheat
  • Evening Haze
  • Dune Birch Grey
  • Silver
  • Windspray Armour Grey
  • Bushland
  • Shale Grey,Gull Grey
  • Woodland Grey,State Gray
  • Loft
  • Jasper
  • Estate Ironbarl
  • Cottage Green,Caufield Green
  • Wildness, Rivergum Green
  • Pale Eucalypt, Mist Green
  • Hedge
  • Ironstone
  • Deep Oceane, Mountain Blue
  • Blue Ridge
  • Wearthered Copper
  • Manor Red,Autumn Red
  • Headland Tuscan Red
  • Red Oak Heritage Red
  • Grove Bronze Olive
  • Hammersly Brown
  • Monument
  • Charcoal
  • Eclispe Ebony Black
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